Ignite Evangelism


Come to Ignite and GO with us. Because together, we can tell the world!



This free, full-day event will ignite your joy and passion for the gospel and help build your confidence to share your faith with Scripture. Join us and discover how and why we share our stories as part of the bigger story. Then, put what you've learned into practice, as together, we reach out to the local community in the afternoon.

What you’ll come to appreciate is what we’ve learned many times over; that as you bring the life-changing hope of the gospel to others, you will be changed as well. As such, this could be so much more than just a weekend event - it could be the beginning of a lifetime of sharing Jesus with the people around you.

 *Quebec Ignite Events are delivered in French only


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Email: info@sharewordglobal.com
Telephone: 519.823.1140
Toll-free: 1.888.482.4253

Office Hours: Monday-Friday,
9:00am-4:30pm ET


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