Pam Tebow

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Pam Tebow

As the daughter of an army colonel, Pam lived all over the world until she was 17.

Growing up she always dreamed of gaining influence by building an impressive resume. This desire led her to the University of Florida, where everything changed. It was there she discovered the emptiness of personal accomplishment and exaltation of herself.

Through a series of what she calls “God stories,” Pam discovered the joy of investing herself in the lives of those in her sphere, shaping her passion for life-impacting influence.

This has led Pam to a life spent serving others, and spreading the gospel. Together with her husband Bob, the Tebow’s have worked to plant churches and spread the gospel in the Philippines, and start the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association (BTEA).

Pam’s recognition increased when her son Tim attended her alma mater. As quarterback for the Florida Gators, Tim led the team to a national championship and became the first sophomore ever to win the Heisman Trophy as the best college player in the country.

Pam is currently using her platform today to raise awareness about Christian values, while being a strong advocate for Christians to impact their communities with the gospel. This is the subject of her first book: Ripple Effects (Tyndale House Publishers)

Join Pam, as she shares some of the crucial Here I Am moments that shaped her life, and her family’s life, at this year’s Gospel Impact Conference.

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